Short term Stay in True North Luxury Motel in Colorado Springs

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Are you looking for a short-term stay on the next vacation with your partner, True North Motel is always on the ground for its travelers whether they are local or international. We have a luxury motel for Short term stay in Colorado Springs with six rooms for couples and if visitors have more members in the group they can book more rooms, these motels are located in the middle of the big Rocky Mountains.

Feel the freshness of untouched air and breeze on your face at the peak of mountains, amazing landscape views await you to capture them in the camera and post on social media posts as well as videos of the whole group, explore the gallery with full of images so that travelers will get an idea how clean and luxurious motels we are providing in the reasonable price segment.

The attractions that visitors can explore in depth with us are:

Unnoted States Air force Academy: It is an institution for undergraduate education to officers of the US Air Force. Explore how they educate and train them.

National Museum of World War II Aviation: With a 40,000 square feet area visitors can walk easily and ask their queries from the host. There are a lot of jeeps, tanks, and aircraft inside it which were used in World War II.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: More than 750 animal species inside located 6714 feet above sea level to explore animals and feed them with your hands.

Red Rock Canyon: The best spot for hiking and mountain biking by the tourists. Many visitors loved it due to the heavy footfall attraction.

Olympic Training Center: Hire a guide and see what facilities and amenities are provided by this center to prepare Olympic participants of the USA and this attraction make it Best stay in Colorado Springs for the vacation.

 Penrose Heritage Museum: In this spot, travelers can explore the history and heritage of the Pikes Peak area it offers free admission, and learn about the tradition of Colorado Springs by the guide.

Ghost Town Museum: Offering authentic western experience by the Wild West accessible to travelers and families in the region of Pikes Peaks, enjoy this spot and feel adventure on vacation.

Space Foundation: If you are a science lover then it is the best spot for you, you can explore space development, exploration and utilization, and many more knowledgeable things regarding science and technology for future.

ANA Money Museum: This museum promotes different kinds of money from ancient times and travelers can explore the history, science, and arts of money and related items.

Colorado Spring Pioneer Museum: This building is located in the region of Pikes Peak, it tells the history and accomplishments of the native people.

Seven falls: Feel the adventure while hiking, walking, and zip lining above the Seven Falls with an amazing view of dense green forests and tall trees.

Helen Hunt Falls: It is under the bridge; tourists can stand over it on the bridge and enjoy a breathtaking view of this amazing waterfall.

Garden of the Gods Colorado: The most famous landmark in Colorado Springs due to its red rock and mountain climbing activities. True North Motel is providing Nearby Stay at Garden of the Gods Colorado at an attractive discount price. We are giving discounts on all the rooms, to get daily updates follow us on social media all the links are available on the website. We wish you a happy holiday with us!


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