Famous Vacation Motel Rentals in Colorado Springs

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Vacations come once a year, and to make them special True North Motel has brought luxury motels to the stay of travellers, where they find authentic luxury with comfort this motel is also known as Famous stay in Colorado Springs and located in the middle of all popular outside Colorado Spring provided activities. As a basic requirement we are providing a microwave and refrigerator in all the rooms and for extra needs all the luxury items are available in the room that will cater to visitors’ needs with a terrace garden and luxury bathrooms this motel has unique identity.

Moreover, adventures await have you heard about Pikes Peak if no let us tell you that, it is a big and famous mountain in the area, it is the highest summit of the Southern Front Range 14000 feet above sea level, and visitors can go there to explore this mountain by fully paved roads, cog railways, vast hiking biking trail network, and shuttle tour. If you are a couple and looking for a romantic escape we have a perfect motel for you named “Queen Twin Kitchen” It has 1 bedroom with 1 bathroom and 2 people can sleep comfortably with all the luxury amenities such as a smoke alarm, microwave, fridge, laundry, Wi-Fi, stove, oven, cooktop, tub, shower and much more with an experienced staff that will take care of your all desires.

Museum of World War II Aviation

This museum is the home base for 20 fully restored flying aircraft in World War 2nd and it has a big collection of aircraft used in World War 2nd such as Fairchild PT-19, Howard DGA-15, Waco Jym, SBD Dauntless, and many more. Our motel is not so far from this amazing museum, visitors can Stay near National Museum of World War II Aviation Colorado to explore exhibitions for visitors and vehicles that were used in World War II such as Ford GPW Jeep, Trucks, and Cars.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

To explore this amazing zoo visitors need to book a ticket in advance due to heavy footfall, it is one of the famous attractions in Colorado Springs located at 6714 feet above sea level. It has 750 different animals inside many visitors feed them while watching and playing with those beautiful animals. This zoo has unique designs so that visitors can explore animals closely, if you are an animal lover you have a great chance to go there and enjoy.

ANA Money Museum

It was established in 1967, visitors can explore the history of money which was used in ancient times, and the medal in America which was given in the 17th century by the United States to celebrate major events, records, etc. The Mini Mint Money Machine can produce 30 coins per minute, Kids Zone at the museum to teach them about money history, and a Money Museum field trip for school kids and learners.   True North Motel always gives the best possible services to their clients and we proved it visitors can read client reviews and check their experience after staying in Colorado Springs motel for rent.  We aim to make our customers fully satisfied at any cost and we are giving motel rental services at very affordable prices, we are giving 24-hour emergency assistance with attractive discount prices for all rooms. Don’t think too much grab this golden opportunity to make your vacation more enjoyable after booking a luxury motel for you and your family. For more details, visitors can explore our website`s sections and to get daily updates follow us on social media all the links are available on the website. We wish you an adventurous and safe vacation with us


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