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True North Motel is the best motel rental services provider company in Colorado Springs, we have a wide range of motels in our bucket with luxury amenities and we believe motels, hotels, villas, condos, and cabins are just a place to stay for visitors the main things that make vacation awesome are nearby attractions. If visitors are looking for a short term stay in Colorado Springs they are on the right page, the things visitors must do on vacation to feel a tremendous experience with family and friends are:

Soar above the Royal Gorge: Fly with the highest zip line in the country with a 360-degree view of mountains and dense forest on the Arkansas River with a height 1000 feet it will give you a thrilling experience. Dare it and do it!

Climb Abroad a Rolling Restaurant: Take a train ride in the Colorado Rock Mountains with freshly prepared tasty meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enjoy amazing scenes and fun with your family with this unforgettable train ride.

Cosmos`s Magic Theatre: Enjoy evening magic shows by Cosmo Solano, he is a world-class performer who performed was Los Angeles, all the shows are family-friendly and he has another kid’s show for 3-13 years kids and he performs weekly in this elegant theatre.

Jeep Tour of Pikes Peak: Explore amazing weather and views of all of America`s mountains, this tour goes in the early morning by jeep with a duration of four hours and free age criteria between 1-99 years, the price per adult is $185.

Sunrise Balloon Ride: Take an aerial view of Colorado Springs and nearby famous landmarks like Pikes Peak, Garden of Gods, and Seven Water Falls. The balloon ride is the only way to glide on the Pikes Peak Mountain when you are vacationing in top Colorado Springs motels and exploring all the major things from the sky.

Garden of Gods: Enjoy hiking, technical rock climbing, horseback riding, road and mountain biking, and many more things while exploring this famous destination. In 1971, this Park was appointed as a National Natural Landmark and it has a large area of 1341.3 acres

Seven Falls: visitors can enjoy with Zipline see the aerial view above the waterfall, and hike with a guide it is a dog-friendly place with the best of the best famous destinations; visitors can explore big mountain views with the waterfall.

These are the combination of things to do, places to go, and attractions to explore by visitors and there are more attractions around this amazing location. We are providing luxury rooms in Colorado Springs motel for couple stay for a romantic escape without any disturbance. True North Motel Company aims to meet luxury with comfort and safety as our priority, we are giving big discounts on all rooms visitors can take a look in the section of accommodation.

In conclusion, the reasons why a new visitor chooses us are because we are the most reliable company, Price affordability, Visitors can ask for more discounts, 24-hour emergency help, and Positive client feedback. These points make True North Motels Company the best motel rental in Colorado Springs, for more details check out the whole website go through each section, and follow us on social media to get daily updates. We wish you an adventurous vacation with True North Motel!


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