Colorado Springs: Dream Destination to Stay on Vacation

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The most populous city in El Paso County in the United States, it is located in the middle of the Big Rocky Mountains. Famous for its most beautiful landmark in the USA, the amazing landscape to explore by travelers with desert, high plains, mesas, and canyons, make it a popular destination for tourists. Travelers like to stay near Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Colorado for adventurous activities on vacation with family and friends because the mountains area of Colorado is 6 times larger than the size of Switzerland. Colorado is a great place to live due to the strong job market, diverse industries, quality of life, and lovely people. It has more than 58 mountain peaks over 14000 feet tall known as Fourteeners.

Colorado Summer Outdoor Activities

For the summer season, travelers can explore these activities:

  1. Dude Ranches to explore romantic resorts and participate in the gathering of fresh eggs.
  1. Sightseeing with a balloon to take an aerial view from the sky of this beautiful place.
  2. Boating and Paddling on a serene alpine lake.
  3. Horseback riding to enjoy wildlife, sightseeing, and boost your mood while strolling on a horse.
  4. Mountain biking in the sunlight on a raw road with a group.
  5. Arkansas River Rafting while passing 5 Fourteeners on the portion of the brown canyon.

Colorado Summer Outdoor Activities

For the summer season, travelers can explore these activities:

  1. Ice climbing, most of the waterfall turned into ice walls and travelers take advantage to perform this amazing activity.
  1. Snowmobiling with high-speed rides in a snowy white environment, make sure to take precautions and guidance from professionals.
  2. Dog Sledding and barking dogs give you a thrilling experience with a speed ride until you shout.
  3. For Ice Fishing travellers can hire an ice fishing cabin.
  4. Everyone knows about ice skating the famous and old outdoor winter activities, travellers can enjoy this magical experience.
  5. Snowfalls and white peaks of mountains, the traveler can capture their pictures to upload them on social media.

Best Motels in Colorado Springs to stay on Vacation

True North Motel provides Colorado Springs motel with kitchen in Colorado Springs, it is located in the middle of the Big Rocky Mountains and all the famous attractions are around this motel for the ease of travelers to explore them while on vacation. All the rooms have luxurious amenities such as internet, fridge, AC, microwave, onsite parking, laundry facilities, telephone, cable TV, and much more that will be enough for the staying needs of any traveler.

Affordable Motel in Colorado Springs

True North Motel provides an attractive discount on all the rooms whether it is a single or double bed room suite Colorado Springs to make visitors’ vacation affordable, you can directly book this motel from the owner to save extra money as a brokerage. Let’s take an example to make you understand:

We have a basic double room and the real price is $85 after discount travelers can book this luxury room for just $72.25. All the rooms have discounts travelers just need to click on the get price button on the top right on the home page of the website and collect all relevant information while booking. We wish you an adventurous vacation with True North Motel!


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